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Beautiful pilistar capital of the St. James Building (Jacksonville city hall). It began as the St. James hotel in 1869 and was rebuilt by Klutho after the Great Fire of 1901. It later served as two department stores Cohen Brothers and May-Cohen and was the largest building in the Nation at that time. #Klutho #architecture #history #Jacksonville #design #columns #capitals #cityhall #rivercity

Early American Decorator Dorothy Draper

One of the topics I enjoyed studying this Fall Semester was early american decorators, architects and designers. One of my personal favorites was Mrs. Dorothy Draper (1889-1969). Born a Tuckerman Dorothy was born in Tuxedo Park, New York. She was an influential & innovative American interior decorator of the early 20th mid-century. In 1912 she was married to George “Dan” Draper the personal Dr. to United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Dorothy established the first Interior Design company in the United States known then as the Architectural Clearing House c.1925. With her 1939 book, “Decorating is Fun”, she inspired a generation of home improvement. With hotels being one of her fortes, she is well known for her designs in the Carlyle and Greenbrier. Mrs. Draper was the inventor of Modern Baroque and the prima donna of the decorating business. Scroll below to see some of her fabulous works.

                                    The Greenbrier Resort 

Notice Dorothy’s use of intense colors and incorporation of plants and floral patterns in the lobby of the Greenbrier. (Two Above).

In the Crystal Room, Dorothy chose to use black and white roman striped flooring, one of her signature design elements (Above).

Again we see Dorothy’s use of intense mix of colors and patterns (Above).

    The characteristics of Dorothy’s designs have come to be known as               the Draper touch.  Some of the characteristics include:
  • Use of Wallpaper & Intense Colors 
  • Roman Stripes & Floral 
  • Damasked & Over-sized Prints 
  • Slipcovers 
  • Use of Plants 
  • Use of Checkerboard Floor Tiles & Dense Textured Carpets
  • Use of Large Mirrors 
  • Dull White & Shiny Black 
  • Neo-Baroque & Rococo Inspired Designs 
  • Intense Colored Furniture Pieces 
  • Floral Prints
                             Notice the Characteristics Below 

Over-sized moldings and bright colors (Above). 


Bright colors and incorporation of over-sized mirror with gold finishes (Above). 


Warm intense colors and shiny and dull black floor tiles (Above). 


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January Interior Checklist

Happy New Year! As you prepare to embark on the next chapter of your life in 2014 remember to keep in mind the beauty, coziness, and organization of the place you call home. We can easily overlook the simple things that can create a calm atmosphere when it is sometimes the complete opposite. Check out Houzz Contributor Laura Gaskill’s January Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home!



"I am going to make everything around me beautiful.That will be my life.”

                                                                                                  — Elsie de Wolfe.

Welcome, My Name is Dawn Henry! I am a crazed design fan with a mind full of complex and bizarre ideas that are screaming for liberation; hence the name “Blueberry Tunnel”. I wish I could answer where this thought came from, however I would be lying if I gave you an answer. It just popped into my head the moment I started this blog (silly me). Just completing my third semester as an Interior Design student, I am self-requiring to remain surrounded with what I love, which will serve as daily motivation. I believe if not consistently ignited or sparked, the fire of passion can burn out. Therefore in an effort to maintain my fire while exploring what I love most, I am sharing my world with you. Journey with me as I dive head first into this world of color, beauty, art and design!

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